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Good Riddance, Josh Brent

The tumultuous saga between Cowboys defensive lineman Josh Brent and the organization came to an end July 18 with his announcement on retiring from the NFL. According to his agent, Brent decided to end his NFL career to focus on his most immediate priorities.

The 25-year-old is facing an intoxication manslaughter charge stemming from a Dec. 8 car accident that killed fellow teammate Jerry Brown, Jr.  While I admire Brent for owning up to his actions and leaving the game to get his life in order, he should have been released the day after he got arrested. The Patriots cut Aaron Hernandez the moment he was arrested on suspicion of murder Brent should have gotten the same action. I understand he remained on the team at the request of Brown’s mother and NFL obligations to pay him upon release but it was clear he became a distraction to the team weeks after the incident. I found it to be disrespectful to the Brown family that he was on the sidelines during the home game versus the Pittsburgh Steelers last October without the knowledge of Jerry Jones.

This should be a wake up call to the Cowboys and begin to not sign players with character issues regardless of talent. Terrell Owens. Adam 'Pacman' Jones. Tank Johnson. Sam Hurd. Need I go any further? Most fans are upset at the fact that the team makes headlines for the wrong reasons and now that Brent is no longer on the team the Cowboys faithful and close this chapter and move forward.

So good riddance Josh Brent, and don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

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Lady China
Posted On: 7/24/13 8:24 pm
While I am no Cowboyz fan b/c I am a Philly girl and.... an Eagles Fan and a Christian; I am glad that the owner didn't release Brent and he was allowed to retire.. I feel this way b/c my GOD is a God of 2nd chances!! Sure he screwed up and will have to face the guilt and the law.. Now @ least he will have the $$ to defend himself and to live until his fate is decided!! Brent probably won't get more than 6 months in jail & some probation time; and hopefully thereafter another NFL team will give him another chance just like they did Mike Vick and others!! Good luck son, I hope you are able to 4give yourself for the death you caused and hopefully you will turn your life over to GOD!!!

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