Cowboy Country - Friday Conversation with Byron Moten: 7/26/2013

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Friday Conversation with Byron Moten: 7/26/2013

A week of Training Camp for the Dallas Cowboys is already in the books.

Some players are no longer rookies. Veterans like wide receiver Dez Bryant, are perfecting their craft, while the guy across from him (usually Morris Clairborne), continues to develop his talent against one of the League’s best.

Injuries have been the story of the week for the Cowboys, who have already lost defensive lineman Tyrone Crawford for the season, with a torn Achilles.

The defensive line is already thin enough as is, but that is just one more thing to worry about.

There is one thing that the Cowboys won’t have to worry about. It is the name of the stadium. Owner and GM Jerry Jones announced yesterday, that the Cowboys reached a multi-year, multimillion-dollar branding deal, which will change the name of Cowboys Stadium to AT&T Stadium.

This stadium will be more popular than the White House. He probably means the one down the street from Valley Ranch. We know how popular that place was, once upon a time.

BM: What are your thoughts on the early injuries to the Dallas Cowboys’ defensive line?

DD: Shameful. I really don’t know where to begin. The DL is just about as bad off as the quarterbacks group when it comes to injuries. Neither group can sustain, but then again, switching to the 43 defense does provide some flexibility. Injuries happen to every team, so lets see who can step up. Keep an eye on Sean Lissemore.

BM: Who should the Texas Rangers trade for most; Rios or Stanton?

DD: Ken Rosenthal reported that the Rangers have been making weekly phone calls to the Marlins in an attempt to get Stanton. Since that is not working, I really hope that they are not following the Mark Cuban process, and are pursuing Rios as well.

BM: Is Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan worth a five-year, $100 million-dollar contract?

DD: First quarterback in Falcons’ history to garner back-to-back winning seasons. Don’t think of it as a100 million dollar quarterback, think of him as a market value quarterback. Yes.

BM: Will the Dallas Mavericks win 45 games this season?

DD: Not a chance, no depth whatsoever. They may not win as many as last year.

BM: Who will win this safety battle; Matt Johnson or JJ Wilcox?

DD: Johnson is the prize pony, and Wilcox is just a stud. Wilcox just makes plays. I’ve followed Wilcox since a sophomore in college, and I see no reason why he can’t win the job over Johnson in five preseason games.

BM: How many games will Demarco Murray play this season?

DD: If I were a gambling man, I would place the over on 12 games. Murray has improved his games by an average of three every year. He put on a little muscle, but the Cowboys offensive line will fail him again.

BM: Is John Wall worth 5/80 million?

DD: The kid makes plays, he’s young, profitable, and I believe he is a true point guard, last of a dying breed. If he is the only person filling seats in Washington, why not give him a little advance?

DD: Yesterday, Jerry Jones announced Cowboys Stadium name change to AT&T Stadium. Does the change matter?

BM: Changing the name does not matter. Just a smart money making move by Jerry. That won't transfer to talent on the field

DD: Hopefully, it’s a clean slate; Cowboys can’t catch a break at home. Will Dez Bryant end up closer to 2000 yards or 20 touchdowns?

BM: Bryant will end up closer to 20TDs than 2,000 yards. I think that he will end up with 17TDs and 1600 receiving yards.

DD: I personally believe that there is no excuses for quarterback Tony Romo to throw for anything less than 5,000 yards. Thoughts?

BM: I think that Romo will have a good season, but not 5,000 yards. I say 4,250. If Murray/Randle gets hurt, and only play half season, then right at 5,000. Maybe.

DD: Will Sean Lee finally complete a season?

BM: Nope.  Lee will miss about three games. Somewhere in that range.

DD: Will 10 wins win the NFC East?

BM: I don’t think that it will be that competitive. I think nine wins will get the championship. I don’t really see a team eclipsing that  (10 wins) in this NFC East this season.

DD: Will Josh Brent make it back to the NFL someday?

BM: Yes a team will pick him up. After all, his troubles are done. Maybe Dallas again.

DD: Will Kyle Wilber be effective at DE?

BM: Wilber effective in the preseason? Yes. Now the regular season? Not so sure. He is there for depth. Injuries happen, and in the regular season he will get to play, and will be worth it.

Moten is the host of Mo Sports Talk, which airs on Mondays and Fridays, from 10:00 am –Noon, on Tha Afterparty Radio Station, and special columnist for Cowboys 24x7.com. Find him on Twitter @BMoSports214
Davis is the site’s Editor, and his Twitter is @thedemariodavis

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