Cowboy Country - 10 reasons why Dez Bryant could top 2,000 yards receiving in 2013.

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10 reasons why Dez Bryant could top 2,000 yards receiving in 2013.

Earlier this year, Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant went on the record, saying that he believes that achieving 2,000 yards receiving and 20 touchdowns is possible.

The media took this, and ran with it, forcing people like myself to look at every possible scenario for Bryant to reach this mark. It’s actually pretty simple; Bryant has to average 125 yards a game, and have at least four multiple TD games, while scoring every game.

Simple? No. However, Bryant is in the upper echelon of receivers in the NFL, and if anybody in the NFL, besides Megatron can do it, it’s Bryant. The 20-touchdown mark will be more difficult than the 2,000 yards, but if I had to pick one that is easier for Bryant in 2013, it would be 2,000 receiving yards.

I did a little digging, and came up with 10 reasons on why I believe that Bryant can have enough big games this season, to not only reach this total, but also make it look easy on his way to a Pro-Bowl season.

10. This is Dez Bryant that we are speaking of.

·      At 6’2’’, 225 lbs., Bryant has one of the most commanding presences at the wide receiver position. He has continued to improve every year, and is already in the top 10 on the Cowboys’ single-season register, with last year’s performance (1,382 yards).

9. He’s due for a big season.

·      Bryant had just five games with more than 100 yards receiving last season. Add to that, the fact that it was his sophomore season, and he was only targeted deep (+20 yards) 24 times. Bryant ranked 45th last season when it came to the deep ball, and that shouldn’t last too much longer.

8. Equal playing field?

·      We all know about the Cowboys having an easier schedule (98-109-0 combined) this year, but that is not the only thing getting easier for the team. Only three of the Cowboys opponents have a top 10 passing defense, and the Philadelphia Eagles, who were ranked 9th in 2012, were also dead last in passing touchdowns, allowing 33 touchdowns through the air last year.

7. The NFC East is just a little pass happy.

·      The NFC East was ranked dead last year in terms of stopping the pass, but with quarterbacks like Eli Manning, Tony Romo, Robert Griffin III, and Michael Vick, going up against each other two times a year, it makes sense. The Giants were ranked 28th in pass defense last year, and the Redskins were 30th.

6. Indoors much?

·      The Cowboys will have favorable conditions for just about every game in 2013. Six of the Cowboys last nine games will be indoors.

5. No Atlanta Falcons, Seattle Seahawks, or Carolina Panthers this season.

·      Bryant was held to just six receptions for 46 yards against those three teams. Granted, they have been exchanged for the Denver Broncos, San Diego Chargers, and Kansas City Chiefs, Bryant is not dealing with an injury, and should do a lot better that last years performances.

4. Get Familiar.

·      Last year, the New Orleans saints torched the Cowboys defense, with 446 yards through the air. Romo had 406 yards passing, and with the Cowboys former coordinator Rob Ryan now in New Orleans, I see no reason why this matchup doesn’t continue as one of the premiere passing exhibitions in the NFL.

3.  The Bye Week game.

·      In the Tony Romo era, the Cowboys are 4-3, and have averaged 275 yards through the air coming off the bye week. This time around, they will be traveling to New York for a divisional game. This will be a huge game for both Romo and Bryant, and I am inclined to believe that they won’t mess it up.

2. Tony Romo is his quarterback.

·      You can say what you want about Romo in big games, but one thing that you can’t dismiss, is his ability to get his primary receivers the ball. He did it with Terrell Owens, Jason Witten, Miles Austin, and now it is Bryant’s turn. Romo had a 123.2 quarterback rating when throwing to Bryant last year, which ranked third in the NFL. Romo also had career highs in passing yards, 4th quarter comebacks, and sadly, sacks. I don’t think that will be the case next year, and Romo should top 5,000 yards.

1. Dez Bryant is tired of the media’s BS, and can’t wait to shut you up.

·      I am honestly disgusted with the media finding every single way they can to put a negative spin on Dez Bryant, and I don’t even know the man - Just imagine how he feels. He signs a deal with Jordan, media talks trash about his past. Bryant has zero on the field issues last year, media talks trash about his past. Aaron Hernandez kills a man, and Bryant’s past is questioned again?

Get a life, and cover something worth talking about. Bryant is young, and has learned some valuable lessons in his first couple of seasons, enough to know that the only way to shut the critics up is by making them put their foot in their mouth per say.  Let the man’s past stay there, and look forward to his future.

One that could include Bryant becoming the youngest 2,000-yard receiver in the history of the NFL.

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